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How we work
Handcrafted tradition of the olive wood furniture from Castro del Río

For hundreds of years, furniture made of olive wood has been chosen by many families to decorate their home. We are manufacturers, you will benefit from remarkable advantages such as the absence of intermediaries and the possibility of being able to adapt our products to your liking in measurements, sizes, inscriptions, as well as making reproductions of antique furniture.

Olive wood

In this wood we can observe a very wide variety of colors and as a result a product without equal, a quality that allows us to take advantage of its natural beauty.

The carving of the tablets

Using classic tools such as the gouge and the sparrow beak, the master craftsman will carve the slats, which will vary depending on the model of the furniture.

Enea mounting and seating

For the preparation of the seat or “throw the ass” the cattail is used, being able to cover with rye straw. Those dedicated to decoration usually have it made of pita or palm rope.

The artisan furniture

Decades and even generations will pass and they will continue to maintain all the desirable properties to be a quality furniture such as: resistance and beauty.

What makes us special

In the elaboration of our furniture we follow a totally handmade process, transmitted from generation to generation, giving our products a superior quality. We are convinced that they will verify for themselves everything that we have been commenting on and will be able to assess the exclusive characteristics of the castreño olive furniture that we offer at PEDRO BAREA E HIJOS.

Artisan furniture
Olive wood
Craft carving
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